Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding Inspiration of the Day: Organic & Healthy Weddings

Since my last post was so long-winded (when I start talking about crafts+saving money, I tend to get carried away!), today's wedding inspiration of the day is short, sweet, filled with great photos, and about integrating organic & healthy food options into your wedding day! This post was inspired by my engaged friend Vicki, who posted a fabulous photo of a "Trail Mix Bar" at a wedding.  

There are so many ways to continue practicing good health, even on your wedding day.  Blogs like "Green Bride Guide" make it not only practical, but stylish too!  I mean have you ever seen an ORGANIC WHITE CHOCOLATE CAKE like this?!  Thanks to the Green Bride Guide, I can say I have seen this beauty…
(Via Green Bride Guide &
It seriously looks too beautiful and artistic to eat! Here are some other great ways to incorporate healthy & organic food into your special day! 
3. The inspirational "Trail Mix Bar" such a fun and clever idea! via C.R.A.F.T.
4.  Raw Vegetable Bar--so modern looking! via Ashley's Bride Guide
5. Vegetable & Juice Bar--they even have different veggie dips! via Simple Blogging
6. Bite sized Caprese Salads! via MackBurry
I hope it is now evident that healthy does not have to be boring or bland. These are great ways to infuse yet another aspect of you and your fiancee's lifestyle into your wedding day! 


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